N2 TTS Видео обзоры & хистрости в работе

AquesTalk TTS for Android

Japanese Text to Speech Extension for Android.

How to Enable Text to Speech (TTS) in Android?

Above video shows how to enable Text to Speech in Android? With @Voice Aloud Reader all in one reader, you can listen to or read on screen text displayed ...

New high-quality voices in Google TTS (Text-To-Speech) 3.0

Google TTS 3.0 adds support for high quality voices, among other things. Here's a quick look at some of them: US English female and UK English male. More on ...

RealiFit iOS/Android App Overview (No VoiceOver)

RealiFit is an upcoming app that will teach proper form in a new and unique way coming Fall 2013. Get more information at www.realifit.com or check us out on ...

Acessibilidade Android - Review de acessibilidade do Sony Xperia L com android 4.1

Um vídeo feito para que usuários com alguma deficiência visual conheçam a acessibilidade do sony xperia L com android 4.1 usando o talkback e o ...



Android N Dev Preview 2 TTS音声の高さ調節デモ

Android N Dev Preview 2 TTS音声の高さ調節デモ http://juggly.cn/

ActionMenu Voice on iPhone4

ActionMenu Voiceの実演。範囲選択したテキストを読み上げてくれる。言語設定も可能。Cydiaからダウンロード。

WEBのニュースが聴ける 音声合成ラジオアプリ「Oto-Latte(オトラテ)」

このアプリは、より使いやすい「新バージョン」が登場しています。 ここをクリックして、新しくなった「オトラテ」をチェック!! https://www.you...

CameraFi Liveに画面配信機能が付いた

CameraFi Liveに画面配信機能が付いた 前回紹介したLIVE配信アプリ『CameraFi Live』 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JunaW6SNSs.

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